Cat Scan

Utilizing the latest advances in CT design and technology, Cat Scan at Basha Diagnostics has never been easier, combining unrivaled image quality with remarkably quick exam times. 

With breathtaking speed and incredible precision, our multi-slice, Whole Body CT Scanners by industry leaders Toshiba and Philips, includes features like cardiac function analysis, virtual colonoscopy, dental applications, and 3-D sinus imaging.  On this equipment, our technologists are able to position patients comfortably “feet first” or “head first”, as this equipment has no limitations.

Furthermore, Cat Scan at Basha can deliver highly detailed results in record time, less than 60 seconds for over 1700 images, doing away with the need for re-positioning and largely reducing examination times.  Our scanners can produce detailed pictures of any organ in a few seconds and provide sharp, clear, three-dimensional images in an instant.

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